Luxe Hand-Painted Gift Wrap

Make a Statement! Stand out with exquisite watercolor-designed gift wrap!

Our Philosophy

While other brands exemplify the brilliance of Black creators, Curly Contessa goes a step beyond by catering specifically to Black women. Each product features an illustration of a black woman designed by owner Kristin Farmer and is intentionally styled  to amplify the features, textures, and curl patterns that make Black women feel proud and legitimately recognized in a world where they often face great scrutiny. 

Curly Contessa doesn’t exist to merely showcase our founder’s talents. Our goal is to instill hope in an overly exploited population through golden stencils and porcelain backdrops that reflect the elegance in which their heritage thrives. We strive to make it easier for Black women to feel accepted throughout society by creating products that normalize their existence and highlight the various characteristics that make them gorgeously unique