This Holiday Season, Representation Matters!

Written by Kristin Farmer


Posted on October 22 2023

The holiday season is a time for spreading joy, celebrating traditions, and creating lasting memories. But what makes these moments truly magical is when we see ourselves reflected in the stories and symbols that surround us.

Growing up, I never had the chance to see a Santa Claus who looked like me, and it was a missed opportunity to experience the wonder and magic of the season through my own perspective. This is why I'm absolutely thrilled to be part of the movement to bring diversity and representation to the forefront of our holiday traditions.

At Curly Contessa, we're shaking things up by offering something truly unique: watercolor-designed holiday gift wrap that is a work of art in itself. Each piece is carefully crafted to celebrate the beauty of diversity, and it's not just wrapping paper; it's a testament to the importance of representation during this special time of year.

This holiday season, let's make sure everyone has the opportunity to see themselves in the stories we tell and the symbols we cherish. Let's create memories that celebrate the rich tapestry of cultures and backgrounds that make our world so vibrant. Together, we can make a difference, one beautifully wrapped gift at a time. 🎁✨

Join us at Curly Contessa and be a part of this meaningful change. Share the joy, celebrate diversity, and let's make this holiday season truly unforgettable for everyone. 🌟🤶🏽🎅🏿🎁 #RepresentationMatters #BlackSanta #HolidayMagic #CurlyContessa #DiversityInTradition #HolidayGiftWrap