A Curly Girl’s Guide to Gifting

It has become increasingly apparent over the last twenty years that black women have a heart for entrepreneurship. The number of businesses owned by African-American women increased by 67 percent between 2007 and 2012, despite facing tremendously blatant hurdles such as racial discrimination, gender inequality, and the working mom’s “second shift”. Black women have made significant economic strides that garner respect in the male-dominated business world and draw many apprehensive eyes to their creativity.

“You have to make sacrifices for a vocation that’s meaningful to you.”, says Kristin Farmer, founder of a trendy new giftware line, Curly Contessa.  “That looks different for everyone. For me, it was carving out time after work to work on a project. I even spent Thanksgiving on my laptop and processed orders at the Iron Bowl.”

After noticing a lack of diversity in the holiday shopping market Kristin utilized her artistic skills to birth Curly Contessa, a collection of wrapping paper and glassware that celebrates African-American women’s naturally textured hair through riveting illustrations. Since it’s red-hot debut in 2017, Curly Contessa has warmed the hearts and filled the shelves of beautiful naturalistas and their friends.  


Kristin expresses her passion through the art of gifting, so rest assured that her launch party was here to give you life. Held in the Live Loft of  Ensley’s Entertainment District, the night was a soulful celebration of hard work, kinks, and coils. The room was filled with family, friends, and coworkers, sharing laughs and candid stories of the time they’ve shared with Kristin.

Hips were swaying to the well-selected beats of DJ Ishmael, who also happens to be the creator of The Kickback Podcast, adding one more drop of black excellence to the room.

The food was undeniably delicious. There was chicken & waffles, pulled pork sliders, wine, and fried macaroni & cheese! What more can a fellow foodie ask for?

By the end of the night, guests were slow to leave. Conversations sparked networking and friendships, wine glasses clinked in agreeance of good vibes, selfies were snapped in between trips to the dance floor, and someone made sure the last bit of macaroni found a home.

Curly Contessa serves as the matriarch of curly tresses. She is the melaninated boss babe of cultural appreciation. The next time you find yourself in need of a birthday gift or a quality token of affection check out Curly Contessa’s Instagram feed and give a gift that celebrates identity.